How's your day going? I'm having another awesome day with my mum & dad in Lithuania. Have you been here before? It's a really cool place!

My life began here with my family 8 months ago at Christmas when I was one and a half months old. I became their little christmas miracle and have been giving them love and kisses ever since!

My family love taking pictures of me but I don't mind, I love posing for the camera! Plus I've made some cool friends on Instagram, I love my followers, they're so funny! 

Incase you were wondering, I'm a male Scottish Fold, and yes my fur is absolutely gorgeous because my mum makes sure I wash (even when I don't want to), but that's why I love my family!

Another reason I love them is because they helped me create this website! I wanted to help my local cat-brothers and sisters and make sure they all have access to regular baths, good food and healthcare. So part of all the proceeds of everything we sell on this site goes straight to local cat shelters in Lithuania to make sure all cats are warm, well fed and healthy!


So that's me! I'm really happy you decided to come and say hi!

Explore the site for a lil' bit, and grab something to help our local cat shelters give my brothers and sisters a hot meal and a warm bed.

Catch me on Instagram! 

Love, Moby